Omelette with salmon, ruccola, pesto, root vegetables and seedlings

€ 8.90

Poached eggs, roasted bacon, and avocado /homemade mayonnaise, farmhouse cheese, toasted bread/

€ 8.80

Sunny-side up eggs with roasted bacon /toast, farmhouse cheese, beans/

€ 7.20

Omelette with chicken, cheese and fresh vegetables

€ 7.90

Omelette with vegetables and cheese

€ 7.50

Five-grain porridge with fried onions, roasted bacon and sour cream

€ 7.50

Oatmeal or semolina porridge with jam

€ 5.90

On weekdays after 12PM and on weekends after 2PM extra fee +3.00 Euros for the breakfast dishes.



Mozzarella cheese salad /salad leaves, avocado, blanched tomatoes, fennel, celeriac, sun-dried tomato dressing/

€ 7.90

Cod liver salad /bacon, boiled egg, green tomatoes, potatoes, salsa verde/

€ 9.60

Roasted salmon-fillet salad /avocado, blanched tomatoes, cucumbers, salad leaves, olives, basil aioli/

€ 10.90

Roasted duck breast salad with seasonal vegetables / baby salad greens, seeds, chilli marmalade, berry-balsamic emulsion sauce/

€ 12.90

Caesar salad with bacon

€ 7.80

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast

€ 7.80

Caesar salad with fried tiger prawns

€ 10.90

Roast beef salad /pickled vegetables, fried bell pepper, capers, dried tuna, tomatoes, bacon and anchovy aioli/

€ 12.50

Main Courses


Porcini mushroom risotto /onion marmalade, grated cheese/

Oven-baked portobello mushroom /spinach, béchamel sauce, Brie cheese, tomato butter sauce/

€ 8.90

Venison steak /bean puree, potato medallions, venison-stuffed tortellini, jalapeño, truffle sauce/

€ 19.90

Baked or poached salmon fillet /lentils, aromatic root vegetables, spinach, tomato confit, tarragon sauce/

€ 13.50

Fried sturgeon fillet /root vegetables, beans, sun-dried tomato sauce/

€ 16.20

Fried chicken breast in Parma ham /mashed potaoes, spinach, tomato confit, Camembert cheese sauce/

€ 10.50

Fried duck breast /root vegetables, sweet potato, mushrooms, red wine-broth sauce/

€ 14.80

Roasted pork tenderloin /lentils, vegetables, mustard emulsion, king oyster mushrooms/

€ 12.60

Oven-roasted leg of lamb steak /kohlrabi, pickled vegetables, mint quinoa, plum tarragnon elixir sauce/

€ 17.10

Oven-roasted beef tenderloin steak /potato wedges, root vegetables, pickled vegetables, brandy-red wine sauce/

€ 22.80

Sandwiches, Toasts and Burgers

Sendviči, tosti, burgeri

Order double meat for any burger. + 6.99 €

Club sandwich /grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, roasted bacon, cheese, lettuce, pickled cucumbers and mustard dressing, served with french fries/

€ 9.50

“Garāža” burger /chopped beef fillet, fried bacon, Cheddar cheese, vegetables, served with savory cheese sauce and spicy potato wedges/

€ 15.80

Toast with a slice of beef flank steak /bacon, cheese, tomatoes, pickled cucambers, French fries, cucamber sauce/

€ 12.80

Lamb burger /grilled peppers, onions, Brie cheese, salsa verde, French fries/

€ 14.90

Venison burger /grilled bell pepper, onions, Brie cheese, salsa verde, French fries /

€ 14.90

Oven-baked vegetarian toast /tomatoes, spinach, Brie cheese, hazelnuts, red pepper, fennel, horseradish aioli/

€ 9.50



French onion soup /comté cheese toast/

€ 6.50

Bouillabaisse /rouille, toasted bread/

€ 14.90

Beef goulash soup / root vegetables, sour cream and coriander/

€ 8.90

Soup of a day /please, ask Your waiter/

€ 5.50



Pasta with vegetables and lentils /artichokes, salsa verde, grated cheese/

€ 8.50

Seafood pasta with tomatoes /white-wine cream sauce, grated cheese/

€ 11.50

Pasta with roasted chicken breast strips /tomato and butter sauce, mushrooms, grated cheese, salsa verde/

€ 9.20

Pasta alla carbonara

€ 8.90

Pepper pasta /fried bacon, cheese and poached egg/

€ 9.50



French fries • Spicy potato wedges • Pickled vegetables Lentils with aromatic root vegetables • Fresh or grilled vegetables

€ 3.50



Quince and apple strudel /ice-cream/

€ 5.50

Nut phyllo pie /citrus syrup, passion frui ice-cream/

€ 5.40

Farm-cream and Philadelphia-cheese cake /sea-buckthorn syrup, blackcurrant powder/

€ 5.80

Warm dark chocolate fondant /pear jam, ice-cream, raspberry sauce/

€ 6.40

Vanilla and cardamom whiskey crème brûlée /apple sorbet/

€ 6.40

Working hours

M:09:00 - 24:00
T:09:00 - 24:00
W:09:00 - 24:00
T:09:00 - 24:00
F:09:00 - 02:00
S:11:00 - 02:00
Su:11:00 - 23:00
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BBQ • Horseradish aioli • Jalapeño • Rui • Cheddar cheese • Tzatziki

€ 1.50



Potato pancakes with fried black pudding, red bilberry jam and sour cream

€ 9.50

Potato pancakes with lightly salted salmon and tzatziki sauce

€ 11.50

Hummus appetizer with baba ghanoush /grilled vegetables, feta cheese, olives/

€ 7.50

Plum and goat cheese appetizer /beets, hemp seed cracker, chilli marmalade/

€ 7.60

Roasted Tiger prawns /grapefruit, avocado and fennel salad, pumpkin seeds, cucamber salsa/

€ 12.20

Matjes herring fillet /baked potato, shallots, beets, cottage cheese/

€ 7.50

Salmon tartar /onions, capers, olives, toasted bread, lumpfish roe/

€ 11.90

Beef tartare /onions, capers, quail-egg yolk, hazelnuts, Roquefort cheese, marinated mushrooms/

€ 13.30

Garāža roasted chicken wings with honey BBQ glaze, served with Roquefort cheese sauce and fresh vegetables

8 gab. € 7.10

12 gab. € 8.50

16 gab. € 9.90

Fried black pudding with green buckwheat /farm cream, cranberry sauce, roasted onions/

€ 9.50

Potato pancakes with cottage cheese and sour cream

€ 9.50

Seared venison chop /pickled mushrooms, dried tuna flakes, Pecorino aioli, grilled bell pepper/

€ 14.50

Venison tartare /onions, capers, quail eggs, toasted rye bread, hemp spread/

€ 12.90



Cheese platter /cheese selection, olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomato pesto, hemp seed crackers/

€ 14.50

Seafood platter /lightly salted salmon, herring tartar, marinated octopus, tuna pâté, tiger prawns, hemp seed crackers/

€ 18.80

Antipasti "Garāža" /salami, prosciutto, olives, pepperoni, marinated feta cheese, hemp crackers/

€ 12.80

Meat platter /roast-beef, marinated chicken breast, liver pâté, chorizo, prosciutto, pickled vegetables/

€ 17.40